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Eminem - Fall Lyrics English Song 2018
Eminem English Song Lyrics

Eminem – Fall Lyrics | English Song 2018

Song Description

Eminem Fall Song: Eminem has shared a new song  on September 4 to accompany controversial track ‘The Fall’. Fall Song Taken from his surprise album ‘Kamikaze’, released last Friday August 31, the video of this song structured like a short-horror movie where Eminem is followed around by a social media monster. This Song is Sung By Eminem featuring by Justin Vernon. It is Produced by Mike Will made -it & Eminem.

Eminem - Fall Lyrics English Song 2018

Song Title: Fall

Singer: Eminem Featuring Justin Vernon

Album: Kamikaze

Produced by:  Mike WiLL Made-It & Eminem


Fall Lyrics – Eminem

You know, everybody’s been tellin’ me what they think about me for the last few months
It’s too loud
Maybe it’s time I tell ’em what I think about them

Vos nostis, omnibus est tellin suus ‘quid mihi de me enim cogitant de ultimo paucis mensibus
Est magna nimis
Ego maybe suus ‘vicis ad’ em circa ea quae sentiunt

Can’t hear it coming down the hallway stairs from the parking lot
It’s too loud
Freeze my crown all up in it, slow fire

Non audit descendens a ANDRON similitudinem tribunalis raedam sortem
Est magna nimis
Frigore coronam omnia ea lentus

Don’t fall on my face
Don’t fall on my faith, oh
Don’t fall on my fate
Don’t fall on my faith, oh
Don’t fall on my fate
Don’t fall on my–

Non me occidatis
Non cadunt in fidem meam, o
Neque fortunam cadere
Non cadunt in fidem meam, o
Neque fortunam cadere
Noli cadere my-

Gotta concentrate, against the clock I race
Got no time to waste, I’m already late, I got a marathoner’s pace
Went from addict to a workaholic, word to Dr. Dre

Redditus menti, adeo ut in genere
Surrexit tempus terere, Im ‘iam sero EGO got a marathoner in pace
Et addicta est a workaholic, ad Dr Dre

In that first marijuana tape—guess I got a chronic case (yeah)
And I ain’t just blowin’ smoke, ‘less it’s in your momma’s face
I know this time Paul and Dre, they won’t tell me what not to say

Quia in primo casu Marijuana tape, coniecto EGO got a longos (yeah)
Et non sicut blowin fumo, ‘non minus est facies in momma scriptor
Gloria et Paulum scio hoc, ut non loquaris mihi dicere, quod non

And though me and my party days
Have all pretty much parted ways
You’d swear to God I forgot I’m the guy that made “Not Afraid”

Etsi dies mei, et pars
Discessere omnes vias pulchra valde
Oblitus sum ad Deum te vellem iurare illud guy fecit ‘non timere’

One last time for Charlamagne
If my response is late, it’s just how long it takes
To hit my fuckin’ radar, I’m so far away
These rappers are like Hunger Games

Unum ultimum tempus Charlamagne
Si mei nuper responsum est, quod suus ‘iustus quam diu capit
Ut ledo mihi fuckin ‘radar, usque ut auferat Im’
Haec rappers tamquam Trilogy

One minute, they’re mockin’ Jay
Next minute, they get they style from Migos, then they copy Drake
Maybe I just don’t know when to turn around and walk away

Unum minute, qui erant mockin ‘Jay
Next minute, ut ipsi dicunt de Migos, tunc effingo quod Draculorum
Maybe sum iustus nescio ubi ambulamus, et circum vertere, ut auferat

But all the hate, I call it “Walk on Water” gate
I’ve had as much as I can tolerate

Sed odio voco “Ambulate aqua” portam
Ego erat ut Non possum ferre, quasi

I’m sick and tired of waitin’, I done lost my patience
I can take all of you motherfuckers on at once
You wanted, Shady? You got it!

Satietate iam defessus sum de waitin ‘, non accidit amissa patientia mea
EGO can take vos ex omnibus simul in motherfuckers
Vos volo, tenebrae? Obtinuit eam!

Don’t fall on my face (yeah)
Don’t fall on my faith, oh

Non cadunt in faciem meam (yeah)
Non cadunt in fidem meam, o

Don’t fall on my fate (line ’em up!)
Don’t fall on my faith, oh (rrr!)
Don’t fall on my fate (look)

Nec fato accidat (line em oo)
Non cadunt in fidem meam, o (r!)
Non cadunt in mea fata (vultus)

Somebody tell Budden before I snap, he better fasten it
Or have his body bag get zipped
The closest thing he’s had to hits is smackin’ bitches

Quis dicere antequam disrumpam Patteni, et melior illo cingulo
Aut enim in corpore zipped ut lapides sacculi
Artissimum res ad hes ‘quod sit smackin hits, canino

And don’t make me have to give it back to Akademiks
Say this shit is trash again, I’ll have you twisted
Like you had it when you thought you had me slippin’ at the telly

Et neque me ad eam, ut det Akademiks
Iterum dico si pati est quisquilias ego pol illum torques
Sicut tu me existimasti slippin dum ‘ad telly

Even when I’m gettin’ brain, you’ll never catch me with a thot
Lackin’ with it, “he ain’t spittin’ like this in his last shit”
Ho, you better go back and listen
You know me better, thinkin’ I’ll slow or let up

Et cum gettin Im ‘cerebrum, youll’ nunquam mihi capere a thot
Lackin ‘cum illo’ quod sit non spittin, sic tandem in stercore “
Ho tu melius est ire retro et audite
Tu nosti melius, me, thinkin ‘Et non intermittebat slow

Call it trap ’cause it’s a total setup
Hopin’ that you rappers fall in that
Dre said, “Hold your head up!”—Kathy Griffin
Stackin’ ammunition, slap the clip and cock it back on competition

Appellant captionem, suus ‘a totalis causa setup
Hopin, cadunt in id quod rappers
Gloria ait: ‘tenete reum capitis est? “- Kathy Griffin
Stackin ‘tela plaude super competition quod in clip et gallus

This is how I shot ahead (pew)—Gabby Giffords
My attack is vicious, Jack the Ripper, back in business
Tyler create nothin’, I see why you called yourself a faggot, bitch
It’s not just ’cause you lack attention

Exortum est quam praemisit (Pew) Giffordorum habitatio -Gabby
Petatur vitiosum Jack in Ripper, in rebus
Tacitus nil creare ‘, video te quare dicitur vestibus liniis induti, bitch
Suus ‘non iustus’ causa operam tibi deest:

It’s ’cause you worship D12’s balls, you’re sack-religious
If you’re gonna critique me, you better at least be as good or better
Get Earl the Hooded Sweater

Sic suus ‘non causam adoremus D12 scriptor balls, uastatum tibi religionis,
Si tu amet Censura mihi, tu melius est esse saltem sicut bonum et melius,
Comes autem ut nisl Corvus

Whatever his name is to help you put together
Some words, more than just two letters
The fans waited for this moment like that feature when I stole this show (ha), sorry if I took forever (haha)

Quicquid est nomen ejus usque ad auxilium vobis posuit in unum
Some words, plures quam duas epistolas
Ecce enim hoc momento quasi in fans sustinuimus te furati sunt hanc ostendit, cum hoc pluma (ha) Et tulit me paenitet, si usque in sempiternum (haha)

Don’t fall on my face (yeah)
Don’t fall on my faith, oh (I won’t)

Non cadunt in faciem meam (yeah)
Non cadunt in fidem meam, o (me autem non)

Don’t fall on my fate (line ’em up!)
Don’t fall on my faith, oh (ha)
Don’t fall on my fate (it’s too easy)

Nec fato accidat (line em oo)
Non cadunt in fidem meam, o (ha)
Nec fato accidat (facile est)

Just remember, I was here before you
And I’ll be here after you make your run-in for you

Sicut memini, ego autem hic ante vos
Et post te non erit hic currere-in vobis propter vos

Detract this, I might have to fuck Pitchfork with a corkscrew
Just what the doctor ordered
Revenge is the best medicine
Increase the dose, unleash the most

Hoc minuit habeam Pitchfork confutuere et corkscrew
Sicut medicus imperavit
Mea est optima medicina
Proventus qui iamiam terminantur, Princeps omnium

And then tell the Grammys to go and fuck themselves
They suck the blood from all the biggest artists like some leeches
So they nominate ’em, get ’em there, get a name to ’em
See the show, every parasite needs a host (haha)

Et dic puer ire se Grammys
Et suges sanguis omnium maximus artists, sicut quidam ex hirudines
Sic ut dici ’em, ut’ em ibidem, nomen ut ad ’em
Ecce spectaculum, hospes indiget omnis Parasitus (haha)

Then give Album of the Year to somebody that no one’s ever even heard of
All I know is I wrote every single word of
Everything I ever murdered
Time to separate the sheep from goats

Et quis dabit Album de Anno et ne quis suus ‘fando quidem auditum est
Omnes novi scripsi uno omne verbum Domini
Et interfecerunt omnia semper
Tempus est segregat oves ab hædis:

And I got no faith in your writers, I don’t believe in ghosts
When rap needed it most, I was that wing in the prayer
A beacon of hope, the B-I-R-D in the air

Et surrexit non est fides vestra scriptoribus memoratos non in manes
Age dum maxime necessaria fui cornu orationi
Spes autem suppeditant A, et B, D, R, et in aere,

Somewhere some kid is bumpin’ this while he lip-syncs in the mirror
That’s who I’m doin’ it for, the rest I don’t really even care
But you would think I’m carryin’ a Oxford dictionary in my pocket

Dies enim aliqui hedum in frusta concerperet bumpin, huius labellum, dum in Speculum syncs
Quod ut ‘quis ego’ quod doin enim in requiem et non vere curare
At ego puto te carryin ‘enim in sinum Oxford dictionary

How I’m buryin’ these artists, on the scale it turns to minus
Mines is various as hardly and what’s scary is you prolly
Can compare me to your car ’cause I’m just barely gettin’ started

Buryin Ut Im ‘haec artists, ad minus secundum ordinem vertit
Vix enim pro variis mineris, et quid suus ‘FORMIDULOSUS est tibi prolly
Ut possit aspiciat me visus your car, Im ‘iustus vix causa O started

And as far as Lord Jamar, you better leave me the hell alone
Or I’ll show you an Elvis clone
Walk up in this house you own, brush my pelvic bone
You should telephone and go fetch me the remote

Et usque ad Jamar Domine, tu mihi ad inferos melius relinquere solus
Aut Faciam tibi Elvis cDNA clone:
Ambulate in domo haec non habent, coxarum os meum decutiat
Et vade, accipe mihi debes telephonium remote

Put my feet up and just make myself at home
I belong here, clown, don’t tell me ’bout the culture
I inspire the Hopsins, the Logics, the Coles, the
Seans, the K-Dots, the 5’9″s, and oh

Pedes meos ero domi atque
Ego huc pertinent, Corydon: nec indicare mihi, praedura palaestrae et cultura
Inspire Hopsins in me est, Logica est, Cole est,
Seans et K, Secret et 5’9 ‘s et o

Brought the world 50 Cent, you did squat, pissed and moaned
But I’m not gonna fall… bitch!

Duxit L Orff mundus te non RECUMBO, pissed quod cernens ingemuit,
At non sum agnus dei … bitch ruinam!

It’s too loud
Can’t hear it coming down the hallway stairs from the parking lot
It’s too loud
Freeze my crown all up in it
Slow fire

Est magna nimis
Non audit descendens a ANDRON similitudinem tribunalis raedam sortem
Est magna nimis
Rigescunt indutae coronam meam omnibus in ea
totumque lentus


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